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Yes it's me folk's. I haven't been killed yet and I'm living in MT PLEASANT,TX. just two hours from ALLEN REED!!!!! All of my children are grown and having 4 Grandchildren keeps me busy now. I so love MANGUM and
the friends I grew up with. I know we always got away with things that today would have gotten us all thrown in the pokey now day's. Thank God we were being looked after, not only by God but by all of our family and friends as well. That's what has always made MANGUM special to all of us. If anyone out there would like a great laugh or has forgotten some of the things we pulled, e-mail me and I'll rattle your memory bank.

Gregory Vickers '99

Hello all, my name is Greg Vickers, graduating class of 1999. I have stopped by this website on more than one occasion and felt it was time to say hello to my fellow classmates as well as friends. I graduated from Kansas Wesleyan University in 2003 with a B.S. degree in Criminal justice Administration. I have been married to my lovely wife Jodie for just over five years now, and we have two beautiful little girls, Emma and Isabelle. We are enjoying life, and living in Overland Park, KS; where I am employed with the Johnson County Sheriffs Office. I just wanted to say hello and wish you all well in the joys and trials we all know as life. If you would like to get in contact with me please feel free to email me at . I look forward to communicating with each every one of you .

Jackie D. Hawkins '81

Bob, ... Just a note to talk a little about Mrs. Chloe Jones.
I had heard from my mother of Mrs. Jones' passing. I was somewhat
saddened to hear of this because, after all, we want everyone to forever.

I'm an '81 graduate of MHS and can recall Mrs. Jones teaching consumer
math and government. The math was the kind we all use or should use
everyday. It involved things like budgets, finding the best buy on the
price of goods and balancing a checkbook. I was in 10th grade when I
took her class and from her teaching was inspired to open a checking and
savings account. I know of some schools in our grand country, where
students just barely cover consumer math in 8th grade and no longer see a
checkbook or bank statement until they have graduated and have to recall
what they "skimmed" over 4 to 5 years in the past. This makes room for
stupid money decisions that open the door to lots of "stupid tax". Sure,
I've paid my share of "stupid tax" and I'm sure many others in my
generation know what I'm talking about and have done the same...but if
you've ever done something stupid with money...that means you're over age

She also taught government. She showed the correlation between the
structure of our government as it was based in the Bible.
For example, one judge in the judge in life (God). She
showed the structure of the three branches in government were based from
the book of Ezra. We have twelve jurors in a court and there were twelve
disciples. We also learned the ten commandments and how the ten were
summed up into two and then had several pop quizzes where we had to write
out the ten commandments as well as the summation.

She often said "when they tell me that I can no longer teach from the
Bible in this school...I'll have to retire." I don't know if it ever
really came to that...I was only a young skull full of mush...but she did
retire from teaching. Now, I can only wonder.

Can our teachers teaching government today use the Bible as did Mrs.
Jones? Probably not...the mental disease of political correctness that
is destroying our country... simply will not allow it... because it's
somehow against the law. It supposedly goes against the "separation of
church & state" law...which does not exist in our country's founding
documents...Mrs.Chloe Jones proved it to us in class. (This law does
exist, however, in the communist manifesto constructed for the USSR...a
socialist experiment that, yet again, has failed.)

In the 60's, prayer was supposedly outlawed in school. Many times the
subject comes up of removing God from our coins, our founding documents,
and our pledge of allegiance. If they do this...they'll eventually have
to remove God from our National Anthem as well. The second verse of our
National Anthem mentions God. I would say a good percentage of our
population doesn't even know of a second verse to the National
Anthem...but my mother and Mrs. Jones are of a generation that speaks of
singing the Anthem in it's entirety at school functions.

I really didn't intend to be political or religious when I started this
letter...but my thoughts go back to that classroom of Mrs. Jones and what
she taught...and how she chose to teach it.
It is politics and religion that guide this country along it's path.
I regret that I'm too late...too late to find her and thank her for the
time, interest, and dedication she put into teaching each student in her
government class in 1979.

Thank you for your time,


Joe Silk '75

Well, my plans to attend the banquet this year fell through, so I thought I’d send a brief update.

We are still in the Broken Bow, OK area managing 22 beautiful vacation cabins and The Turning Leaf Inn, our new bed and breakfast inn managed by our daughter Sarah. We are offering a 20% discount on any cabin or inn stay this fall (2007) to any MHS graduate. Give us a call and we’ll reserve you a cabin or room at our luxurious bed and breakfast inn (

Enough advertising. We are all fine, but the kids are getting dispersed throughout the U.S. Daniel, 27, is now stationed in Rapid City, SD flying the B-1 Bomber for the USAF. Joseph, 21, is in the midst of US Coast Guard basic training in Cape May, NJ. Both of these fine sons will be presenting us with our first grandchildren in Oct. and Dec. (nice gifts for our 50th year of life). Sarah, 25, is now the official innkeeper of The Turning Leaf Inn, Oklahoma’s finest bed and breakfast inn. Hannah, 10, and Isaac, 8, are still extremely active and busy kids and their favorite activity is swimming in beautiful Broken Bow Lake. They keep Lindy and me plenty busy.

That’s about it from here. Give us a call if you’re ever down in this corner of the state.

Joe M. Silk, Class of 1975
Beavers Bend Getaways, LLC

Visit us on the web at

HC 75, Box 45-2
Broken Bow, OK 74728

Laura (Hendry) Ferguson '90

Hello everyone!! I am Laura (Hendry) Ferguson. I graduated in 1990. Just thought I would drop a little note to let everyone know where I'm at and what I'm doing with my life. I have been an LPN in Enid Oklahoma for about 6 years now. I recently graduated from RN school in April of 2007. I have 2 beautiful kids named Kasey (8yr old boy) and Karlee (13 yr old girl). Both of my kids have attended Mangum Public Schools. My family still lives in Mangum and I come home to visit frequently. Mangum will always be home. It's funny how everyone picks up on my southern accent up here and wants to know where I'm from. I proudly say Mangum Oklahoma. Would love to here from my former classmates and friends. Love to all my friends, Laura

Jean (Hall) Robberson '42

I am Jean (Hall) Robberson. Graduated in 1942. Plan to be there for my 65th. I live in Pasadena, Ca., same house for forty-five years. Have one daughter, Normarie, one grandson, Matthew, a marine in Iraq. Husband died in 2002. Have two LARGE spoiled house and yard dogs. Try to travel as much as possible. Cruise to Mediterranean and Greek Isles last year. Will do Mexican Riviera Mar. 17. Hope our class has a good turn-out for reunion. Would love to hear from former classmates or anyone who remembers me.

Rocky Clinton '82
I was visiting the site and doing a little reminiscing, so I thought I would
leave a note to let everyone know where I am and what I’ve been up to for so
many years. I went to SWOSU and while I was there I met a girl (Brenda
Adkins) from Leadville, Colorado, and she has now been my lovely wife of 22
years. My parents, brother (Dwayne Clinton, class of ’74), and my wife and I
all ended up moving to Springdale, Arkansas in 1986 where we have all been
since. I worked in retail for 23 years, 13 of which was at Wal-Mart Home
Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. After getting my fill of retail, I started
my own construction company in 2004. My wife and I finished raising her
niece Janna Adkins who is now 19, and we have a daughter (Tiffany) who is
almost 15 and a cheerleader. I would love to hear from any of my long lost
friends and classmates. God Bless.

Class of '89

Hello class of 89 alumni--I would like to invite you
to join a free yahoo group for the class of 89. The
steadily growing group shares stories, pictures and
will be planning our own get together 2009. Please
check us out and add your own pics!

Lia (Hickman) Adams '89
I am needing some help finding wayward classmates. If you could post this in the mail section, then I know the people who visit this site may be able to help. I am needing email addresses for anyone in the class of 1989. I am putting together a directory of addresses for this class to re-establish contact with each to make the reunion of 2009 great. Anyone who has an email address in the directory will get a copy of it emailed to them when I get it completed. There are still several classmates unaccounted for and some of the email addresses I have are not currently active. This includes anyone who may not have officially graduated with us, but grew up with us and moved off before graduation. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Alan Rosenbaum '67

Just a note to let everyone know where I am and what’s been going on with me lately and to say hello to everyone. I have spent 23 of the last 35 months in Iraq, Lebanon, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Dubai, France, Germany, Great Britain, and Jordan working for the Department of Defense and Department of State in a variety of assignments including security, counter-intelligence, democratization, and vital infrastructure improvement.

I am presently in Iraq and can be best reached via which I can pick up anywhere in the world. I am hoping to be back to Magnum for my 40th coming up next year. I have attached a pic but have literally hundreds which I have taken from all over Iraq if anyone wants copies.

Phil Raby '82 & Lisa (Stumbaugh) Raby '85
Just a note from Phil and Lisa (Stumbaugh) Raby . We are still in Mannford, OK and now we are both driving trucks. We still have our son with us we are home schooling him and he is doing great! Last year he got all A's and this is a computer program that he can take on the truck with us. We have a laptop with an air card so we can get on the internet from the truck. We were not able to come to this years activities due to the fact that we had just started driving for a new company the week before. I wish we had been able to come since it was my 20th but you have to do what you have to do I guess. I heard that there are several people up here in the Tulsa area maybe sometime we should try to get together or at least e-mail. Well got to go for now. Talk to you sometime soon I hope.

Joe Silk '75
I really intended on making it to the reunion this year, but in the midst of launching a new business among other things, time did not permit me to make the trip. Hopefully, next year I can make it.

It's been awhile since we left Mangum in '86, destined for Philadelphia, PA, then Arizona, Guatemala, Mexico, and back to western OK in '95 (Hinton). Most recently (2000-2005), we were living in Talihina, OK working at Kiamichi Baptist Assembly. Now we've moved a bit further to the southeast, near Broken Bow, OK and Beavers Bend State Park where we manage some of the finest vacation cabins in the state at Beavers Bend Getaways.

We have five children: Daniel (25), Pensacola, FL, 2 Leut. in the Air Force, training to fly fighter jets. Sarah (23), back home with us after a few years of college at SWOSU, helping us in the new business, Joseph, (19) freshman at Rogers State Univ. in Claremore, and then our late in life young'uns: Hannah (8), and Isaac (6), still at home of course and keeping us young (or tired).

That's about it from us. Please add our names and address to your list, maybe we can hear from some of the old gang.

Jamie (Willhight) Mills '99

Hello All! My name is Jamie(Willhight) Mills. I graduated from Mangum High School in 1999. I just wanted to update all about where I have been and what I have been doing. In October 2002, I moved from Hollis to Farmington, NM. There my second son was born in February 2003. I now have two children, Eric age 5 and Thomas age 1. While I lived in Farmington, I was the administrative assistant for The Salvation Army. What rewarding work it was! In October 2004, I moved back to Mangum so that my son could attend Mangum schools, as I did. We are still in Mangum and doing well. God Bless and have a great year!


Natalie (Walker) Thompson '89

Hi, My name is Natalie Thompson.. I went to Mangum Junior High from 83' - 85' Was Natalie Walker at that time, and am now looking to find old friends.. I know I didn't go to High school there but I am wondering if it is ok if I add a letter to have put into your archives so my friends will know how to contact me?

Thanks, Natalie

Joshua Reasnor '97
Hello Tigers! Its great to see people keeping in touch. I've been serving in the Air Force Security Forces since Sep, 2001 and haven't made it back to Mangun in several years. So far I've been to Saudi Arabia and the Emerates and within these next two weeks Ill be sent to Baghdad. Should be an interesting time for our 13 man team. Currently my permanent station is in South Dakota so if anyone want to ride to Sturgis next year look me up. I'd love to hear from all my old friends while Im across the pond. Have a great day and God bless!

Jennifer (Duffy) Gilliland '70
Visiting the Mangum High School Alumni web site is nearly like going home.
It's nice to read the comments from those I remember, and those I don't.
I'm a 1970 grad of MHS. You probably remember me as Jennifer Duffy. I now
living in Oklahoma City, working in the newspaper business.
It would be great to hear from some of my long, lost classmates. Drop me a
line if you have the chance.

Christina (Turner) Matticola '01

Hello everyone! I am so glad to see Mangum on the internet. After High School, I joined the Air Force. I was stationed at Hill AFB, Utah for a little over a year, and I am currently stationed at Yokota AB, Japan with my husband. We married on the 6th on November 2002. I just hit my 2 year mark in the service, and have 4 more years here in Japan. I miss you all. (it gets lonley over seas sometimes) God Bless You All. Keep me in the loop with the town.

Ian-Jay Napoleon '97
Hi my name is Ian-Jay Napoleon. Graduating Class of "97". I was getting a little homesick so I decided to look you guys up. Wish I could've attended this years reunion. I always think about it this time of year and of all the great memories of high school. I am now living in Honolulu HI with my daughter Kaelele, who just made 3. I keep in touch with a few friends there, but would really like to hear from more just to see how they're doing, They could email me at . Thanks for putting this page up it really gives me a sence of home and pride, and CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of '03. May you do good in all you do. We Are The Mighty Mighty Tigers. Aloha Ian-Jay Napoleon

Jerald T. Hall '50
My name is Gerald T. Richards, my birth name. I was known as Jerry Hall, Jerry T. Hall and Jerald T. Hall while living in Mangum and attending school from first grade until March of my Sophomore Year in 1948, with one semester in Texas in 1947. I would have been in the Class of 1950 had I remained in school. Instead, I joined the Army where I took and passed the GED Test for High School Equivalency. After my Army tour, I attended a year of high school in Iran where I also took a correspondence course from OU in American History so I have a diploma issued by Mangum High School in 1953, as well as one issued by the Community School in Teheran, Iran. I graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, returned to the Army as an officer, got a Masters Degree and a Doctor of Jurisprudence Degree and spent 37 years in California. I retired from the University of California in 1993 and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. My sisters Joy Hall Grant, Bonnie Hall Smith and Nancy Hall have been regular in attendance at alumni functions in Mangum. I can't seem to get there at that time of year. I was there over the past Christmas and talked to Bonnie Hall and one of the Duffy's who told me one of my good friends from Mangum, John Bill Jones (also J.B. Jones), had been a Professor at the University of California, Berkeley which is very near me. I would very much like to contact him, especially if he lives in this area. If you have any information about him you can release, I would really appreciate it. Failing that, if you could give him my email or snail mail address, or both, and let him contact me, that would be fine as well. If you would like to post my email address on your Web Page, please do, but I think it should go with the Class of 1950 because my friends were generally in my class or higher, John Bill was in 1949 I believe. My other information is:

Gerald T. Richards
2505 Whitetail Drive
Antioch, CA 94509-7744
Phone: (925) 778-6874

Thank you for you help and for the very nice Web Page which was easy to find.

Very truly yours,
Gerald T. Richards

Tim Leckie '85
Hello, this is Tim Leckie, class of 85. I have been out of the loop as far as technology goes and have not had any way E-mail anyone. I am currently a full time Army Reserve Recruiter here in Okc. We recently had the laptops that we use for work upgraded to do E-mail and the internet, that is why it is now that I write to the most elite Alumni association in the United States. I am looking forward to keeping in contact with my classmates in the future.

SFC Tim D. Leckie
USAR Recruiter

Charles H. Smith '48
Fifty two years have come and gone since I graduated from Mangum High in 1948, but I will always fondly remember my home town and my classmates. I have developed a couple of websites to honor these memories. One is a Class of 1948 website which features the 1948 photos of the graduating class as well as some biographies recorded in 1998 at the time of the 50th class reunion. The class website is located at the following URL:

The other site is a collection of true stories regarding my experiences in the Shortgrass country in the 1930's and 1940's. This site is located at the following URL:

While I have started the "stories" site with my own recollections, I hope that I can obtain the remembrances of others who grew up in Mangum or Greer County.

Charles H. Smith
557 Avenue E
Bayonne, NJ 07002-3917
TEL: (201) 437-3989

Jan Willard-Wiggins '50
Hi All: This is late in coming. I should have written this months ago. I am so happy I was able to attend the MHS Reunion 2000 in May. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks and compliments to all those who worked so hard and were responsible for such a successful reunion. The decorations were really nice, even those that came tumbling down . ;) ,the food was great, and it was very well organized. And for all of you that were there from the Class of '50......what can I say? I just don't have the words to describe what a loving and happy time I had with all of you. Stay well and take care of yourselves and lets do this again......only more often. I want to thank Linda Foreaker for the lovely corsage and every one at the Duffer Motel for such a friendly reception and care. Also, to those of you at the courthouse, the library and Greer's Funeral Home who helped me with my research, "Thank you". May God Bless each and every one of you with many more years of good health, happiness and a sense of humor!
Jan Willard-Wiggins...........Class of '50
Wichita Falls, TX

Jackie (Dan) Hawkins '81
Greetings Mangum Alumni,
Well...another year has passed. Years seem to spin by before I realize. Although it is not an anniversary year (divisible by 10) to me, I've got plans for making it to the banquet this year. I'm still in Trent, Texas...still maintaining our nation's B-1B Lancer Bomber. I'm now in my "Junior" year of retirement. By that, I mean I'll be retiring from the USAF on or about September 2001. At that point, I should have the next 20 years or so "planned" out. I currently have an Advertising Specialty Business on the side that has tremendous potential i.e. pens, caps, t-shirts, calendars, etc. My e-mail address is listed by my name and I'd be more than happy to reply to anyone.

(Note: most in my class don't know me by "Jackie". They knew me as "Dan". It was the military that started the calling me by my first name.)

Jackie Dan Hawkins (K&B DLR #52227)
425 S. Main P.O. Box31
Trent, Tx. 79561


Russ Leckie '80
Boy, is it ever hard to believe it has been 20 years since I graduated from MHS. Where does all the time go? I will be there for the alumni banquet, my 1st since graduating. I am looking forward to seeing some old friends I haven't seen in a long time. Not much has changed with me since the last time I sent mail to the site, except I have changed ISP's & have a new e-mail & home page address. So I figured I'd send them in. Look forward to seeing everyone in May.


Kae (Ervin) Buller '66
Hi all....Won't be able to make it for the reunion this year. Our daughter Kristy is getting married in July and we're in the middle of remodelling a two story house. I'm still at Kerr-McGee as a Senior Designer (graphics is the only way to go these days). We have two businesses - Buller Construction & Maintenance - and -Buller Countertops-. Our son Jeff has taken over the countertop part of the business and husband Lon is running the maintenance part with contracts on several buildings around the city. Kristy is in college at Southern Nazarene in OKC going for a computer science degree. We are still active in our church and teach in the youth department (over 50 and they still let us be young). We get to Mangum about once a month to see Mom so I feel like I'm still part of the town. Haven't seen to many around when I there but I know that several of you still live in the area.

Have a good reunion and maybe I'll see you next year.....