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Classes of 1941 through 1950

    Clyde J. Smith '41.....Mangum, Oklahoma
    Deceased 2010

    Class recollections by Ruth Bevis

    Dewey Penley '42.....Green Valley, Arizona

    Jack Treadwell '42.....Homosassa, Florida

    Jean (Hall) Robberson '42.....Pasadena, California

    Ray Coffman '43.....Mangum, Oklahoma

    Rob Overton '43

    Written 1993

    Betty Starr and Mary Matthews contributing

    This letter was written to a 1943 classmate in 1993………..before the 50th reunion.

    I remember the horse trough on the East side of Cameron Lumber. That’s where the people used to come on “First Monday”, or “Trade Day” to trade horses, mules and equipment.

    I remember Mr. Rowdan’s service station across from the Police Station. Remember Sam Rude?

    I remember the hitching rail by Cicero Smith Lumber. Teams and wagons tied up there. Right across the street was “Teeter’s Poultry & Egg”. Piggly Wiggly was the first self serve grocery. It had a shelf to hold your basket as you walked around to shop. H & H Grocery. Wades Coney Island. Hogues Blacksmith Shop.

    Mrs. Smith’s on the corner. Penny candy. Penny pencils. Big Chief Tablets. An odor all its own.

    Wasn’t there a Marathon service station on that corner??

    I remember the old wooden bridge across the river south of town. Remember when the “Head Rise” would come down the river and wipe it out? Remember the head rise that came down the river just before they opened the new bridge for traffic. Everyone went down to see if it would take the flood and still stand? Hey, I remember dancing on the river bridge in the headlights by car radios.

    How about Buzzard’s Bluff? Riding bicycles down Smith Hill or at least trying to. The
    “ Breaks”, “Pig Lane”, The Brick Plant, the slaughter house? Fish Creek The Country Club Lake. Ever been to the “Sand Pit” road or did you call it “Lover’s Lane”?

    What ever happened to Twin Lakes, Sulfur Springs? What was the name of the lake East of town? Was it Bryan’s? (Border) Remember Stairstep Mountain? The “Low Water Bridge” that Red Crisp went through? The old C.C.C. Camp? Gravel surface highways?

    The fourth floor of the old Junior High building?? The basement of the old Junior High and Jack Shadid telling Mr. Spivey he didn’t mean to do it so loud? How about the fire escapes? Remember using a bread wrapper to make it slide faster? Remember how hot the slide was on summer days? Remember when they tore the building down? They built a new building just for us!! How about classes in the gym and in the shop room of the vocational building?

    I remember Sunday. Church. Shows. Cokes. Church again.
    I remember Friday. Pep Rally. Assembly. Ball Games
    I remember Saturday. Dance. Work. Dates. Civic Center.
    I remember Armistice Day…………siren at eleven o’clock, gin whistles blowing, parade around the square.

    Remember the Civic Center? That brings on a flood of memories. Trip to the juke box, all 12 records. Bob Toma? How about the “Balcony”? Cressie and Mrs. Duncan. Music. The Junior-Senior Prom? Bon-fire at the Country Club? Breakfast at 4:00 a.m.?

    How about the old swimming pool and the shower downstairs. The screened in floor on top. The stage behind, over the “zoo”. Remember when the town got together at the old Rose Garden and prayed for rain? The tennis courts (with lights). The Merry-Go-Round, the slide, the “giant stride”, the “little pool”, the croquet courts, the softball games on Saturday night, Johnny Bex pitching???? Hey, how about the big elm tree over the pool and the “cable”.

    The Temple, The Rialto. I’ve forgotten the name of the one by the Temple. What was the name of the new one?

    I remember the Bon Ton.
    I remember the Moonlight Café.
    I remember Richard’s, Hannah’s, Border, Mangum, and Lowe’s drug stores
    I remember Bootlegger’s
    I remember Mom and Pop Lewis
    I remember when Aline made all the national papers.
    I remember You.

    Remember when Dr. McGregor got killed?
    Were you ever in the Border McGregor Hospital?
    Dr Border’s house, the “Crow’s Nest”.
    The machine gun in front of Dr. McGregor’s house.
    Mr. Fraker
    Mr. Spivey
    Miss Cravey
    Miss Fessler
    Emily (Hoover)
    Tom Johnson
    Miss Rude
    Mrs. Cross
    Mrs. McCrummen
    Miss Nina
    Miss Durham
    Pappy Pruitt

    We played Hollis on Thanksgiving Day.
    We had parties

    I remember the cotton gins. The wagons bringing the cotton to town, pulled by horses and mules. The streets were not busy, we could play in them. I remember the back alleys. Maybe you don’t, but I do.

    I remember everyone. Some names come slowly, but I remember you.

    Mary Virginia………….I really missed seeing you. Where did you go after graduation?? Edwin where did you go? Iva Nell, I miss you………..and James and Heavy (Bud) and Kay Hughes and Mudcat and Joe Sweet and Rita and Jim and Brice and Evelyn and…………….It is great to be a part of the Class of 1943. Someone remembers you.

    I remember sitting on the lawn, talking. I don’t remember what we talked about, but some nights it kept us up late. Of course there was a lot of information passed around before school took up.

    Remember Study Hall? Miss Rice? The class bell? You could make it stick, I heard. Not me!!! I don’t know how to break the pin off. I really didn’t start the fire in the hall waste basket.

    Billy Paul, do you know who put the swastika on Tom Johnson’s door?

    Harold Savage, you and Brice must have had a good time in Mexico.

    Remember the first game played in the stadium??? Man Alive!! It really rained. I think Harold Kelly’s football pants weighed 22 pounds when he took them off.

    Remember the day we skipped school to win the scrap metal drive?? Did we win it?

    Hey guys, how about the “Victory Apple” we got in assembly? When we won. Meals at the Home Ec Cottage? Rotary Club, too.

    Remember the sign on top of the Hotel Franklin, you could see it coming into town. How about the dome on the Court House?

    I remember dust storms. Lights on in the school. You could hardly see the gym across the street. Had to take a time out during the basketball game to run the dust-mop. Brinkman, Willow, Ozark….man they had some basketball teams!!

    Stomping at the Savoy…..String of Pearls………Moonlight Serenade………Tuxedo Junction……………May I Have This Dance???? Coffman, did Miss Cravey really step on your toes??? Let’s go out on the balcony………….and cool off…………..

    I REALLY DO REMEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Cunningham, your letter caused all this!! And my great granddaughter will know about this stuff when she gets a little older……………she is only 5 now.

    Hey, the people in the other classes better get excited. We Are The Class of ’43.


    Rob Overton
    1281 Hunting Brook
    Houston, Texas 77099-2911

    Mary K. "Crackers" (Roach) Matthews '43.....Houston, Texas

    Ben Lockerd '44.....Fort Smith, Arkansas

    Patsy (Smith) Cox '44.....El Paso, Texas

    Neal F. Austin '44..... High Point, North Carolina

    Jacque (Tyler) Starr '46.....Mangum, Oklahoma

    Darrell Wilhite '46.....Dallas, Texas

    Clois Bentley '47.....Lovington, New Mexico

    Barbara Blake '47.....Moore, Oklahoma

    Peggy (Rawdon) Marshall '47.....Athens, Texas

    Frank Spruce '47..... Montgomery, Alabama

    Francene (Vaughn) Smith '48.....Seguin, Texas

    Rita (Goad) Rinearson '48.....Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Donald (Sam) Spivey '49.....Fort Worth, Texas

    Peggy Walker '49.....Jupiter, Florida
    Deceased 2015

    Sara Belle (Beck) Tidmore-Lockerd '49.....Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Sistie Givens '50..... Stillwater, Oklahoma

    Kent Ragsdale '50.....Altus, Oklahoma

    Jan (Willard) Wiggins '50.....Wichita Falls, Texas

    Lynda (Wiginton) Pittman '50..... Seiling, Oklahoma