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Friends of Alumni

Tony Marlow
Hello from Houston Texas, remember me. Tony Marlow I lived in Mangum off and on from 1rst grade until 7th grade. I have grown up got married and raising three great children. I saw this sight and couldnt believe it. If you remember me just drop a line at

Gina (Griffith) Hutchens
Hi, this is Gina Griffith Hutchens. I have been keeping in touch with a few of my friends from Mangum but they don't know where some of our classmates have gone. I did not graduate from MHS but spent most of my school years in Mangum and would have graduated in '86. My family moved to Dallas in '84 and since then I have only been back a few times. Now that I have a family of my own I would like to renew some old friendships in Mangum. My father, Jack Griffith was raised around Mangum and graduated from Centralvue High School. I would like to hear from any of his friends also. I miss Mangum!

Debra (Thompson) Cooper
My name is Debra (Thompson) Cooper. I attended Mangum High School in 1968-1970. Unfortunately I did not get to graduate from MHS but I left many friends behind. I moved to Blackwell, OK. my senior year and graduated from there.If any of you see my e-mail address, please write. I now live in Haslet, Texas which is just north of Ft. Worth. (It is still considered in the metro area of Ft. Worth.) I will be anxiously awaiting to hear from old friends. My e-mail address is:
Hoping to hear from you soon!

Derrell Mangum
My name is Derrell Mangum. I've heard of Mangum, Oklahoma but have never had a chance to visit. I actually grew up in Orem, Utah and graduated from Orem High School. My family and I now live in Seattle, Washington. Though I'm not an alumni of Mangum High School I just wanted to say Hi and I enjoyed browsing through your page. Just a note of interest, at Orem High we were the Tigers, also. No big deal to you, probably, but just an intersting note. Keep up the good work and have a blast at your 90th Reunion.

Scott Wilson
hi! my name is scott wilson. my grandpa was named gilbert wilson, i was wondering if you had any info on my grandfather,he was raised in mangum, and i figured he probably went to this highschool, if you could i would really appreciate it he passed in 95, he would have been 69 this last week, so he must have graduated in 45' or so..My dream is to live in mangum oklahoma, and go to oklahoma st. unniversity in two years, he always told me if i went back there, he would pack up and go woth me, well this is my chance, so its kinda like my destiny! well enough of that, i dont want to bore you, i would hope you would read this, and answer back on any info you could give me on my grandfather, if you could i would be greatly appreciated! thank you, from scott, a future resident of mangum oklahoma

Håkan Roos
Hello!! My name is Håkan Roos and I was a sophomore in Mangum HS 1996-97. I'm from sweden and I'm sure that some people still remember me. I would like to get in touch with some of my friends.

William C. Osborn
Dear Mangum People, My kids, (Connie, Gary, & Don) gave me a pc last week. And yesterday they found the Mangum home page. They all are Mangum alumna. I finished school at Vinson, then attended Mangum Jr. College. Boy, that dates me. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in promoting Mangum. Mr & Mrs W. C. Osborn 5008 S Anderson Rd. Box 7 Ok. City, Ok. 73150

Traci Curry
My name is Traci Curry, class of 1990. I went to school in Mangum in 1983-1986. My grandparents are Kenneth and Lou Higgins, and Lloyd and Mytrie Sullivan (all live in Mangum!). I enjoyed playing the drums in band( the teacher was Mr. Chambers!) and playing basketball! (coach Callen) I was surprised to find the Mangum alumni home page on the internet. I am married and have had 3 children. We live near Dallas, Texas. I would love to hear from any old friends or teachers.
My e-mail address is :

Michael Long '2000
I am currently a sophomore at MHS. I am also right in the middle of my football season and we are 7-0 and on our way to Mangums first ever undefeated season. I have just recently moved back to Mangum from Oklahoma City and I am definitely glad to be back with my family and friends. I think it is great that Mangum has a webpage and I am amazed to see so many MHS grads out there that are caught up with the computer age. I hope that everyone will try to come out and support the MHS football team for the remainder of the season.

Jennifer Wade
Hi! This is Jennifer Wade, and my mom is Leeann Wade, class of '70. I was actually wondering if anyone had some good stories about any of my family members...Ralph and Elizabeth Wade, Maxine (Thomason) and Mike, and more recently, Wade Thomason. I never get hear the stories with the juicy details... I'm currently at Washington State University (the Okla equivalent of OSU), studying pre-vet. Right now I'm working in the Exotic Ward of the Vet Hospital, mainly with the raptors (birds of prey...hawks, falcons, owls, and EAGLES!!!). Hope to hear from someone soon! Jennifer Wade