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Lee Sparkman 64
Greetings to all of the MHS grads out there. I learned of the Tiger page through Bob Bratton while home for the holidays. We (Rose and I) have lived in Aberdeen, WA. which is about 25 miles from the coast)for about the last seven years. I'm a financial manager for a joint venture of Weyerhaeuser -- Pacific Veneer and Rose is a V.P. for a bank headquartered in Lacy WA. We have really enjoyed it here for these years but the rain is tending to get harder to take( we only had 98" in '96 but had 25" in December). Keep in touch

Gregg Burnam '81
Cheryl (Laughlin) Burnam '83

Hello everybody, I found this page by doing a general search on Mangum, Oklahoma one day. It really looks good. Cheryl (Laughlin) Burnam '83 and myself Gregg Burnam '81 still live in Mangum where she is owner and director of a Child Care Center (Tiger Cub Day Care) and I commute to Lawton everyday to work for Arkla Gas Co. I am currently begging to start serving my second 5 year term on the Mangum School Board an experience in it's self. Good to see such a great web page about such a great school system.

Cleatus Davis '84
What a deal, Mangum actually has a spot on the web. I live in Tulsa, OK and have 2 great kids; Trevor (7) and Kirstie (2). I am in charge of a system development group at Decision One (a computer maintenance company). So, needless to say I spend a lot of time at the computer. Anyway, it's pretty cool that Michael and Jimmie have put in the time and effort to make this MHS web page. Great Job. Gotta go for now, Cleatus Davis Class of '84 CleatusD@AOL.COM

Robert Morgan '67
Hello everyone and greetings from Richmond, Virginia. I'm Robert Morgan '67 and I was very pleased to learn about the Alumni web-site. Jimmie and Michael, you've done a great job! I really enjoyed reading the history but most especially the mail. Any '67 folks out there? I hope many of us can be back at "Alumni" for our 30th this next May. After seeing the web page, I'm more excited about making it this year. As for me, I work for Motorola and recently moved to Richmond from the Austin, Texas area. We have lived in the Austin area for the past 13 years. In fact, my wife Teri is still in Texas along with our son Brad, who's a high school senior and our daughter Kayce, who's a senior at Texas A&M. Teri will join me next summer in Richmond but it looks like Brad and Kayce will remain in Texas for college. Fellow alums, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail address is Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!

Frank Spruce '47
Hi troops. This is Frank Spruce, class of 47. Glad to see Mangum is keeping up with technology. Barbara Blake mentioned in her letter about the alumni and your web site. Being a novice about the network, I fumbled around until I found you. It's been a long time since I've been to Mangum and hope to visit the Fiftieth anniversary. If any of you in Mangum read this, please tell Pete and Wanda Stover, Jeri Norman, and Raymond Waldroop that my wife and I hope to be there in May. Every one have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. My E-Mail address is Hope to hear from some of you.

Mary Jane (McDaniel) Burgess '72
Hi MHS Alumni----It's great to finally get on-line and send a message to our Home Page. I am so proud of Jimmy Kay Coffman Crouch and her husband for starting this Home Page. It has been a great year for my family; my son played baseball in the Olympics, my youngest son made it out of the 3rd grade, and I am now the Mangum Middle School Principal. I am looking forward to the reunion in May, it will be the 25th Reunion for the Class of 1972. Alice Ruth, our class mom, is helping to plan a great party. You may know that I have been active in the Alumni Association for many years. At the present time the Board of Directors is searching for an Alumni President for 1997. If you are interested please STOP what you are doing IMMEDIATELY and call me at the Middle School at (405)782-2702. Don't loose the thought or desire as you call, do it quickly. It only takes a little of your time, and if you believe that I have some land in Florida I would like to sell you. Just a joke, yes, it is much hard work, but it is very rewarding. I hope to keep you updated as the Reunion gets closer. You may contact me at my e-mail address or call the Middle School. Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year. May God Bless Each of You.....Mary Jane

Bob Travis '66
Hi Mangum Alumni, Jane and I are still living in Mangum. I am currently the Regional Accreditation Officer for the State Department of Education. Jane is still teaching in Mangum. Our daughter Jill is in college at OU and loves it. Our son Jon is in the 6th grade. Maxine Wade Thomason class of '64 is one of his teachers. We are looking forward to seeing you at Alumni. Jane will be celebrating her 30th reunion. Come see us after the banquet, 402 W. Buchanan. Bob

Rob Overton '43
Hi, MHS. The picture of the old high school is real nice. I went to the seventh grade there. We then moved over to the high school while they tore the old building down and built the new junior high. The top floor of the old high school was used as an auditorium. It also had a slide as a fire escape. Only the "tough kids" would slide down that slide, I'm joking of course, but it did take more courage to climb that slide and slide down on a bread wrapper than it did at the Edison school. At least it did for this 10 year old. I,m Rob Overton, class of '43. e mail ...

Amy Sheward Burk '86
Hello Yall!! I never would have believed that I could find MHS on the internet!! I am still new to the internet and it was a great surprise to find that so many alumnus have got on the information highway. My husband, Ed, and I live in Pawnee, OK. He is employed by the Sygma corporation out of Stroud. I am a dental assistant for a doctor in Pawnee. I am attending OSU full time. And with luck I will be able to apply to dental hygiene school at OU in two years. We have a dog named sissy, who runs the house. Ed and I also enjoy archery. We spend the most of our weekends at 3D tournaments. I would love to hear from anyone. My address is : Amy Sheward Burk class of 1986

Ronald "Rabbitt" Vaughn '52
My name is Ronald "Rabbitt" Vaughn, class of 1952; my brother Severlan "Squirrell" graduated in 1950. I retired from Western Illinois University, December 1993. Severlan is on disability from Oklahoma City public schools, having had a stroke in 1981; his wife, Suzzanne Pigg, class of 1952 has rheumatoid arthritis and is nearly bedfast. Do not reply to this as I am in another office. Soon I hope to be networked when my "ship" comes in. My wife and I do go to Apache Junction, Arizona in winter where we have a lot for our fifth wheel camper in Golden Vista Resort (within eyesight of Superstition Mountain. I met a retired minister from Hester in the resort.

Kelly Diehl Yates '90
Philip Diehl, 1992 married Amy Skinner in Hot Springs, Arkansas on August 9, 1996. Chris Deurmeyer was best man!

Cindy (Harless) Derryberry '75

Hi, My name is Cindy (Harless) Derryberry from the graduating class of 1975. I've been looking for yall for a while now. I'm glad you finally did a home page and hope to receive mail from others who graduated with me. Write to me at :

Barbara Blake '47

Hello from Barbara Blake Class of '47 We are looking forward to a great time at our 50th in 1997. The wheels are a turin'

In the last 49 years I have married Lester Blake class of 41'. We had Larry Blake class of 66' and Celia Blake Nippert class of 70'. Lived and worked in Mangum until 1970 aftere I had gone back to school (after reincarnation). I came to Moore, Oklahoma and taught Math in Moore High School for 14 years. Lester transfered in the Postoffice to Moore Postoffice and retired in 1972 after 27 1/2 years with USPO. We enjoyed 17 great years of freedom until he died in 1989.

In 1984 I had retired from teaching and started my own Educational Computer Software company called TEACHWARE. I have a young partner and have had two employees until John Beaver class of 1987 left in mid July of this year. We serve schools all over Oklahoma and Kansas as well as having academic prices any teacher school or college student can purchase at greatly reduced prices the application prgrams (Microsoft, Wordperfect, Corel,etc).

I have two grandaughters who will both be at OSU this next year, Whitney's (graduate MHS 93')4th year and Lindsay's 1st year. Garrison Nippert is my team roper. Will graduate from MHS in 1998. Robbie Blake is 3 1/2 and lives in Houston with his Mother and Dad.

Kelly Diehl Yates '90

My name is Kelly Diehl Yates, class of 90. I attended MHS from 88-90. If anyone remembers me, write! You can also send my brother Philip Diehl (92) a message here.

From Kent Ragsdale '50

What do you know. Big time stuff when you get on the web. At least that was what I thought until I also noticed that Carter is also on the net. They must have 50 people left up there but at least one of them has a computer and is on the net.

I already have sent a message to Janiece Williard Wiggins. She graduated in 50 same as me. I noticed that only Cleon Fails and Henry Warlick showed up this year. Well I can't complain as I didn't either. I do look forward to being there in 2000 for our 50th. That is if I'm still around.

No fooling it is good to see you on the net. I am retired although I still do hypnotherapy from time to time. That is the reason for the nickname or address. As I have retired I am no longer in the book. However if I can help any of my friends come see me.

Have a good one.
Kent Ragsdale
E-Mail fax 405/482-7771