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Barbara Propps-Baker '65
Hello to all MHS Alumni: I was delighted to find the MHS Alumni Home Page and to be able to read the latest news from old friends. I missed last year's reunion, but will try to make it to this year's celebration. It sounds like there will be plenty to do all weekend long. I live in Oklahoma City and am involved in the health care business. My husband and I have six children, four granddaughters and one grandson. Four of our children are married and two are still in highschool here at home.
It would be wonderful to hear from other Alumni. My e-mail address is:
Best wishes to all,
Barbara Propps-Baker Class of 1965

Larry Bryan '61 and Dorothy Bryan '63

We retired in July 1999 and moved to just off the island of Hilton Head in SC. My job is now playing golf and traveling. We have a new granddaughter, Mackenzie. We love living the beauty of the marsh living we have in this part of the world.
Our email address is:

Lene Smith '89
Lene Smith, class of 89 Hi! My name is Lene Smith and I was a foreign exchange student (from Denmark) at MHS in 1989. I would love to hear from old classmates and friends from Mangum.
My E-mail adress is:

Ronald Ross '51
Hello to the Class of 1951....Just found your web address but found not one note from my class. Perhaps they are too old to write anymore !! I have been retired for 4 years and love it. Been married for 38 years and have 1 daughter and 2 great grandsons. I play a lot of golf but seem to get worse as the years pass by. Saw Robin Jones a few years back and hear from him at Christmas. Would love to hear from anyone on the net , especially from Class of '51. Ron Ross
Email address:

Tony Lee Kerbo '94
I visited our homepage and see there is no one from the class of 1994, guess I can be the first one here. I am Tony Lee Kerbo from the class of 1994. I am living in Norman, Oklahoma, going to the University of Oklahoma as a full time student. I also work part time as a technical support representative.

Bob Phillips '71
My family and I are living in Cape Coral, Florida. My e-mail address is: Its tough living in Southwest Florida near the coast. Its the same old decisions every weekend:
Grouper fishing?
Snapper fishing?
Scuba diving?
Swimming pool?
Florida Keys?

Of course, when the Winter comes and we have to put long pants on, we have more decisions to make:
Turn on the solar heating for the pool?
Stone crabbing?
Is that a blade of brown grass I see in the lawn?
Well, I'm sure you get the idea its pretty boring down here and there's not much to do. We like to sit around in the dead of Winter and watch the weather and chuckle at our friends Up "North", while sipping a glass of ice tea and sitting under the ceiling fans with all the doors and windows open and complain when it ocassionally drops below 60 degrees in the morning. Cindy and I and our girls, Susan (12) and Amy (10) wish you well and hope you don't see too much snow and ice this winter. :)

Dewey Penley '42
Hello, I'm Dewey Penley and I live in Denver , Co. Sorry that I didn't make it this year . Next for sure . Would love to hear from any of you MHS Grads.

Ben Lockerd '44
Well, I just pulled up the letters and see that my letter from last year is still posted. I have a new e-mail address so I need to update that. Not much new since last year. Another year older, etc. I plan to be in Mangum for the reunion this week-end. We still have the old farm north of town so I still make frequent trips to Mangum. Hope to see all of you there Friday. Ben Lockerd (Class of '44)

Rita (Goad) Rinearson '48
I am Rita Goad Rinearson from the class of '48. I would love to hear from any of the alumni. Brief history Worked for Dept of Human Service for 20 years and now retired. Have three grown children who also live in the Oklahoma City area. Currently have 2 grandchildren (boy age 16 and girl age 5). Am looking forward to alumni this year. Hoping that my brother Charles Goad class of'47 will be able to come for his 50th class reunion this year. Don't have a computer but would love to get email and my daughter says she will relay the messages to me thru her email address at
Rita Goad Rinearson class of 1948

Mary (Crackers) Roach Matthews '43 & Buddy Roach '46
Hi from Houston, Texas. Buddy is visiting Crackers and both say HI! We visited Mangum last week... looks the same as always. Crackers looks forward to seeing y'all at the alumni, but Buddy is going to miss this year's gathering. He sends his 'miss you and come visit me in Westerly, RI' (message via Cracker's daughter's account) Deb and Ken Kramm

From Gina (Plumlee) Blake Fleming '67
Hi guys from class of 67. 30 years can you believe it, the freshman class where I teach is the class of 2000. It's finally here! We're all getting close to that age we didn't think would ever be here. Remember on the 25th there were only Kenneth, Jane, Verlin, Shirley, Ralph, and myself, but I did talk to Pam, Kay, Mary Jane, and Linda on the telephone. Maybe this year I'll find out if they have internet. I won't be able to make it this year. Our only time for a short vacation is that weekend with some friends from church heading out to Ft. Davis, Texas for hiking and riding horses. Hope to talk to you on the internet! Have a great weekend. I'm still at Newcastle High School teaching business math and computers. My daughter Lindsay is a freshman at OSU and pledged Alpha Chi Omega and is assistant vice-president of finance this year. She is becoming an Aggie like her father and I and her cousin Whitney. My step-son Chris is a junior at OU and is part-time disc jockey for 95x on Sunday afternoons and my step-daughter Kellie and her husband live in Dallas with my step-grandson who is a year old and we thoroughly enjoy. Take care and write. It has been a fun year talking to old friends and making new ones. Gina Plumlee Blake Fleming (67)

Sistie Givens '50
Hi! How great it was to find the MHS homepage today (March 16, '97)! I am retired living in Stillwater where I graduated from Okla A&M in 1954. I spent 36-years in Brazil as a missionary. I am still trying to adapt back to the USA. I would like to hear from colleagues of the Class of '50...or anyone who likes to talk via e-mail. I've been into computer since the early '80's and I'm addicted! I've just gone on internet and find it fascinating. I plan to be at the alumni banquet in May. Tchau, Sistie Givens, Class of '50.

Juanita (Powers) Redden '40
To all my good friends in or from Mangum, my e-mail address has changed. My new address is I would be delighted to hear from any of you and I plan on seeing the gang at the banquet in May of this year. Juanita Powers Redden, Class of 1940

Vicky (Martin) Noakes '70
Hi to all you Mangum Tigers. I am Vicky (Martin)Noakes class of 1970. It was so nice to find this site on the web and then also find out it was a classmate of mind that put it up. I have taught Family & Consumer Science at US Grant High School in Oklahoma City for the last 21 years. I was disappointed to not find more classmates of mine but found lots of other people I remembered. My sister, Ricki (Martin) Harned also went to Mangum and now lives in Tulsa. She graduated in 1972. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone at my e-mail I also have a personal web page that address is, you'll have to look at it through the latest version of Internet Explorer. My Mom and Dad (Kenneth and Jodean Martin) both taught at Mangum and they still live at Martha. Dad's health is very bad and mother has a full time job of caring for him. Her e-mail is and her web page is Keep up the good work.
Class of '70
Vicky (Martin) Noakes

Melissa (Cathey) Davis '90.
This is Melissa (Cathey) Davis, Class of '90. I'm in Tulsa now with my two children, Trevor and Kirstie. It's great to see MHS on the internet. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates and/or friends from Mangum. My E-Mail address is