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May 19, 2017, is the date set for the 107th annual Banquet


MHS ALUMNI PRESIDENT Marsha McElroy Griswold, ‘70
MET NOV. 5, 2016
Banquet set for May 19, 2017

The MHS Alumni BOD met November 5, 2016, at the Welcome Center. President, Marsha McElroy Griswold, Class of 1970, called the meeting to order. Minutes from the October meeting were approved and the October Financial report was accepted as given. The Alumni Association has purchased a new Tiger mascot suit and pictures were shown .

May 19, 2017, is the date set for the 107th annual Alumni Banquet. Pres. Griswold is busy arranging the event with the Quartz Mountain Lodge, deciding a program and handling logistics for the evening.

Committees chairs were assigned and some reports given:
Friday May 19:
The Elks Lodge will provide breakfast May 19 at 8:00; cost will be $10.
2 Golf Scrambles....Mangum and Quartz Mountain
Ticket pickup at the Welcome Center until noon
Ticket pickup at the Lodge starting 4:30
Banquet seating 6:15 Dinner 6:30

Saturday May 20
Alumni Parade 11:00
___Dale Staton is in charge of the Parade and John Buck will be the announcer. "The Changing Times" band will be Parade Marshals. They will also perform for the mixer at the Lodge.

___Ray Hogan BBQ has changed hands and has been moved to Jo's Restaurant on East Lincoln. Time and cost will be announced at a later date.

Next scheduled meeting will be January 7, 2017. Members of the Association are encouraged to attend these meetings.

Attending today's meeting were: Beth Thompson White, Sara Tidmore-Lockerd, Dale Staton, Mary Jane Scott, Alice Gray, Fran Altom, Frena Winters, Holly Rogers, Joy Grant, Carolyn Hooley and Marsha Griswold.







2017 Alumni Dinner
May 19, 2017

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Why didn't I get an Alumni invitation?
Joy Grant, MHS Historian

Throughout the year, a Historian is always looking for and asking others about the ‘missing’ alumni. At a recent Alumni Board meeting, Treasurer, Mary McDaniel Scott ’72, handed out a roster which included 843 “returned invitations”. This signifies that 843 addresses were incorrect out of the 2500 mailed. We get comments from members that his or her relative or friend didn’t get an invitation or some that haven’t received one in years.

There are at least three answers for this dilemma:

1) That person has no locally known parent/or relative to whom the class secretaries can contact for a new address and/or

2) That member has never sent a ‘change of address’ to the P.O.B. 8 in Mangum whereby a new address could be entered, and/or

3) An invitation is returned this year with the yellow strip showing a NEW address; but the next mailout will not happen until 2012 UNLESS a person requests another invitation to mail to his or her friend/relative.

Obviously, after many years of no contact or show of interest on the member’s part, names could have been dropped from the register accidentally by many people who have kept records of this 101 year old Association. For the last twenty plus years, all the Graduates have been recorded diligently on a computer which is monitored and updated year around by Ms. Scott, Ms. Grant and other Board Members who send in changes of addresses whenever they learn of changes. Newspaper obituaries are scrutinized daily and weekly for Alumni members’ demise. Closure is much better than ‘whereabouts unknown’ to the Alumni Family.

James Long, ’57 Grad, sends daily (Greer County connected) obituaries from the Daily Oklahoman knowing that Mangum does not get that paper anymore. This information is scanned, copied, mailed or faxed and placed in large 3-hold record books kept by the Historian. Eventually, these records will be stored at the Welcome Center Alumni Room and/or the Old Greer County Mangum School Room.

Therefore, if you know a MHS Graduate who is not getting an invitation, call 580-782-5107, and that can be changed.

We really appreciate the Class Secretaries who dig deep each year and keep all their classmates addresses current. If you think that would be an easy job, I challenge you to take on this responsibility and help us.

Right now, we are needing help from all classes that end in 1’s and 6’s for inclusion in the Alumni Editions of the papers. We need new research and new stories from the members themselves. Deadlines start April 1 and May 2 is an absolute deadline for articles to be included in the Alumni Edition. Please help by bringing copies of pictures to the news offices or call Joy Grant at the above phone number and your information will be picked up.

MHS has their own website. Check it out:
2015 - 2016 School Calendar

2016 Senior Class on the bridge south of town that was built in 1933. The new bridge will be open soon and this one will be torn down.

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