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2022 MHS Alumni Board

 Carolyn Weaver Hooley ‘68, President; Lee Ann Nesmith Powell ‘77, Marquita Ellis Pence‘77, Connie Rogers Hulick ’77, and Janet Hamilton Neighbors ‘77, Co-Vice Presidents; Alice Snipes Gray ‘56; Secretary; Mary Jane McDaniel Scott ‘72, Treasurer; Joy Hall Grant ’57 and Paula Nunn Banister ‘72, Historians; LD Ormond ‘82; Holly Avery Rogers ‘91; Dale Staton ‘64; Jane Griffis Travis ‘67; Rebecca Price ‘74; Dale Clayton ‘75; Krista Lehrman Reese ’92





PARADE MARSHALS 2017 - Teacher of the Year 2016


For the last ten years, the Mangum Alumni Association has been using 'Parade Marshals' to lead the annual Alumni Parade through downtown Mangum, Oklahoma, USA. The Parade will begin at 11:00 on May 20, 2017, in front of the high school. Past Parade Marshals are as follows:

2007 Barbara Thompson Blake Class of 1947
2008 Helen Wickersham Butterfield Class of 1932
2009 Russell Pierson Class of 1929
2010 Yonne Pendleton-McDaniel Class of 1938
2011 Claude Smith Class of 1942
2012 Wade "Junior" Tyler Class of 1944
2013 Jack Givens Class of 1940
2014 Ray Coffman Class of 1943
2015 Bill and Jacque Tyler-Schuster Starr Classes of 1945 and 1946
2016 Jim and Sara Beck-Tidmore Lockerd Classes of 1946 and 1949

Robert Keating, Jim Keating, Greg Winters, Rollie Heatly, Ralph Heatly

The Grand Marshals of this year’s Mangum High School Alumni Parade are The Changing Times. From collective memories, this is their story.

Colonel. R. O. Heatly retired from the Air Force and moved his family to Mangum in 1965. The town of Mangum soon discovered that R. O. and Rose Mary’s son, Ralph, could play the guitar. It wasn’t long before Ralph was playing his classical guitar all over town.

Within a few months, a teacher at Mangum High School, Mr. Wendell Harris, decided to form a rock and roll band around the talents of Mr. Heatly. After a few false starts, The Creators were formed. It featured Ralph Heatly MHS ’67 on guitar, Jimmy Caddel MHS ’66 as lead vocalist, Jim Cupp MHS ’66 on drums, Charles Splawn MHS ’67 on bass guitar, and Robert Heatly MHS ’69 on drums.

The Creators were an instant hit. They played popular songs, such as “House of the Rising Sun”, “Louie Louie”, and “Wooly Bully”. Dressed in their fashionable Beatle coats, they played almost every Saturday night at “The Hole”. For many of the teenagers of Southwest Oklahoma, Mangum became the place to be when The Creators were playing.

Who of that era can’t remember walking up the steps of the abandoned Mangum Opera House, peering into the darkness of the main theatre, and wondering if they were in the right place? Who of that era can forget seeing the colored lights and hearing the music coming from under the stage? Who can forget walking down the short flight of stairs by the stage and seeing Rose Mary and R. O. Heatly chaperoning and taking the money for the band? Who can forget the decorated walls and low ceiling?

Who doesn’t have a picture in their mind of Jimmy Caddel crooning the words of the Animals song, “Bring It on Home” or other hits of the time? Who didn’t love the music and dance like there was no tomorrow. It was a special time. Mangum was a great place to be and a great place to grow up.

Too quickly, The Creators lost members to high school graduation. In the spring of 1966, Ralph was left with only his brother from the original group. But the tradition of live music was firmly entrenched in the Mangum Tiger culture. It was time to form a new band.

When the dust settled in the fall of 1966, the new lineup was the late Floyd Propps MHS ’68 on rhythm guitar, the late Steve Edwards MHS ’68 on bass guitar, the late Tommy Sheward MHS ’68 on drums, Robert Keating MHS ’68 on organ, Ralph Heatly on lead guitar, the late Bill Maas on rhythm guitar, and Robert Heatly on drums. Bill had played in a folk group in Virginia called The Changing Times. The new band adopted the name and has used it ever since.

When the original dance venue, The Hole, was condemned by the Mangum Fire Department, the Saturday night dances moved across the street to the Mangum Civic Center. The cozy atmosphere of The Hole had been lost, but the teenagers continued to come. Who can forget Mack Coffman MHS ’67 and Norbert Allsup ’68 doing the Gator as highlights of those dances?

After Ralph’s graduation in the spring of 1967, the fate of the band was in question. However, dances continued to be scheduled, and the band played on. It was always a challenge to get Ralph and Bill from Norman and Claremore, but they always seemed to make it.

In the spring of 1968, the other members of the band graduated from high school. Four members of the group, Ralph, Bill, Steve, and Robert Keating decided to enroll at Oklahoma State University. It just so happened that another Mangum High School graduate, Randy Whittaker was Rush Chairman that summer for Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity at OSU. The Changing Times played for a rush party in Lawton and must have passed the audition. All four pledged Phi Gamma Delta and became the house band.

Upon arrival in Stillwater, The Changing Times was in immediate need of a drummer. Fortunately, there was one in the house from Bartlesville, named Bill Douce, who agreed to play with them. That same fall, they recorded the songs “Battle of Life” and “Meadow” at Benson Sound Studio in Oklahoma City. Both were written by Bill Maas and garnered significant air time on OSU’s campus radio station.

Bill Douce was eventually replaced as the group's drummer by another fraternity brother, Jeff Ruiz. The Changing Times played for fraternity parties, sorority parties, and high school proms all over the state. They could often be seen cruising down the highway in their panel truck with the sign on the back that read, “You’re behind the Times.”

The Changing Times era as college students ended in the spring of 1972. The group then moved to Oklahoma City and played professionally around the area until 1974.

There have been many band reunions over the years, and the players have varied greatly. One of the more memorable parties was a 20-year high school reunion in Muskogee, when Floyd’s brother, Jack Propps played drums for the night. Jack has mentioned lately in messages and Facebook posts how special a night it was for him to have a chance to make music with his brother.

Upon the deaths of Steve Edwards and Floyd Propps, new musicians were needed in order for the band to keep playing. The obvious choices were from another Mangum band—one that followed in the tradition of The Creators and The Changing Times—one that had played at the Mangum Civic Center and other towns in the area. This band was known as The Illusions. The original members were Jim Keating MHS ’70, Rollie Heatly MHS ’71, Greg Winters MHS ’71, Ray Lynn Stover MHS ’70, and the late John McDaniel MHS ’71.

The bands merged and formed the current lineup of Ralph Heatly, lead guitar; Robert Keating, keyboard; Jim Keating, guitar; Rollie Heatly, bass guitar; and Greg Winters, drums. This group has played for several MHS Alumni Banquet Mixers and for other parties.

One of the more memorable events was a 90th birthday party for the late Rose Mary Heatly in 2008. One of Rose Mary’s favorite things to do was to watch The Changing Times play. She had been a fan since the first days of The Creators, and she hardly ever missed a performance. She made the trip a year ago from New Mexico to be at the 2016 Mangum Alumni mixer. She passed away in July of 2016 and will be sorely missed at this year’s banquet.

For more information see The Changing Times page on Facebook or see for the latest collaborative project of Ralph and Robert.

Dr. Greg Winters, MHS Class of 1971, son of the late Zane Winters and Frena Winters, says: "It is always a lot of fun to come back home and see everyone enjoying some good old "rock and roll'. I look forward to seeing everyone. It is so rare to be able for us be able to see each other regularly. It is very unusual also for anyone to say that they get to connect with guys that have been great friends forever. All of the guys in the band have known each other forever and have had a great careers and personal lives since leaving Mangum. I am really proud to call each of he guys in the band great friends and have tremendous respect for each of them. They have been very successful in their professional lives, great husbands, great fathers, and all around good guys. I really believe that growing up in Mangum set each of us on a path to be successful."

Jim Keating, MHS Class of 1970, and son of the late Helen Jane Givens, says, "As a transplant to Mangum in third grade (Mrs. Helper’s class), I was immediately welcomed into small town life, new friends and opportunities to participate in sports, band, leadership, pretty much anything. By the seventh grade, with Montgomery Wards guitar and Sears amp in tow, I was ready to rock and roll with my buddies. Enter Greg Dennis, Steve Rosenbaum, then Rollie Heatly, then Ray Stover, then John McDaniel, then Greg Winters. Our various bands (The Prism followed by The Illusions) played in Mangum regularly at the Civic Center (upstairs), and neighboring towns to (mostly) appreciative peers. R.O and Rosemary Heatly faithfully manned the cash box at each of our dances, charging a dollar or two for each teenager and bounced any supposed troublemakers from out of town. It was a great time for us to play some music, make new friends, and enjoy our time growing up in Mangum. Lots of highlights, but my favorite memory is seeing our fancy black light reflect the fluorescent paint of some crazy design on the top of Rollie’s shaved head. A definite crowd favorite."

'Several years ago Rollie, Greg and I blended our “talents” with Robert Keating and Ralph Heatly from the legendary "Changing Times" band. So now, almost fifty years after we began, here we are, all grown up, still playing music for our friends, with our friends. Greg Dennis, MHS grad, will play a couple of songs with us this year. He plays regularly in "The Old Bulldog Band" in Edmond. "

"The holdovers from The Changing Times, (Ralph and Robert) combined with the remnants of The Illusions (Greg Winters, Rollie and Jim) to form the new version of The Changing Times happened about 12 years ago. Now our biggest challenge is lifting our speakers.”

Two of the band members have MHS wives: Ralph Heatly's wife is Signe Hawkins Heatly, Class of 1969, and Robert Keating's wife is Sharon Bryan Keating, Class of 1968. Rollie's wife is Micki Heatly; Greg's wife is MeMe; and Jim's wife is Rosemary from other schools in the state.

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Why didn't I get an Alumni invitation?
Joy Grant, MHS Historian

Throughout the year, a Historian is always looking for and asking others about the ‘missing’ alumni. At a recent Alumni Board meeting, Treasurer, Mary McDaniel Scott ’72, handed out a roster which included 843 “returned invitations”. This signifies that 843 addresses were incorrect out of the 2500 mailed. We get comments from members that his or her relative or friend didn’t get an invitation or some that haven’t received one in years.

There are at least three answers for this dilemma:

1) That person has no locally known parent/or relative to whom the class secretaries can contact for a new address and/or

2) That member has never sent a ‘change of address’ to the P.O.B. 8 in Mangum whereby a new address could be entered, and/or

3) An invitation is returned this year with the yellow strip showing a NEW address; but the next mailout will not happen until 2012 UNLESS a person requests another invitation to mail to his or her friend/relative.

Obviously, after many years of no contact or show of interest on the member’s part, names could have been dropped from the register accidentally by many people who have kept records of this 101 year old Association. For the last twenty plus years, all the Graduates have been recorded diligently on a computer which is monitored and updated year around by Ms. Scott, Ms. Grant and other Board Members who send in changes of addresses whenever they learn of changes. Newspaper obituaries are scrutinized daily and weekly for Alumni members’ demise. Closure is much better than ‘whereabouts unknown’ to the Alumni Family.

James Long, ’57 Grad, sends daily (Greer County connected) obituaries from the Daily Oklahoman knowing that Mangum does not get that paper anymore. This information is scanned, copied, mailed or faxed and placed in large 3-hold record books kept by the Historian. Eventually, these records will be stored at the Welcome Center Alumni Room and/or the Old Greer County Mangum School Room.

Therefore, if you know a MHS Graduate who is not getting an invitation, call 580-782-5107, and that can be changed.

We really appreciate the Class Secretaries who dig deep each year and keep all their classmates addresses current. If you think that would be an easy job, I challenge you to take on this responsibility and help us.

Right now, we are needing help from all classes that end in 1’s and 6’s for inclusion in the Alumni Editions of the papers. We need new research and new stories from the members themselves. Deadlines start April 1 and May 2 is an absolute deadline for articles to be included in the Alumni Edition. Please help by bringing copies of pictures to the news offices or call Joy Grant at the above phone number and your information will be picked up.

MHS has their own website. Check it out:

2016 Senior Class on the bridge south of town that was built in 1933. The new bridge will be open soon and this one will be torn down.

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